Acme Bambina Black Computer Desk


Acme Bambina Black Computer Desk

Bambina desk is a great desk for a corner. “L” shape, bevel edge and angle design.

Acme Furniture

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A study found that an office’s layout significantly affected employees’ sense of well-being and output when it came to computer work. A well-designed chair can not only make workers more comfortable but can also help them avoid injuries and pain at work. Consider the Bambina Black Computer Desk by Zayna if you’re in the market for new office furniture online. This desk fits neatly into a corner and provides ample workspace. It features an “L” shape, a beveled and angled design, and a built-in holder. The L-shaped desks here are ideal for working on multiple projects at once. Put things like paperwork, bills, books, ledgers, or even a second screen on your desk. In the same way, you can do it, too. You can use the space on one side of the “L” for storing books and other items while using the other side for a computer. The L configuration is flexible and gives you enough space to do your daily tasks without getting too crowded.

If you spend most of your day at a desk computer and work in an office, you need the proper computer desk furniture. Multiple scientific disciplines agree that the manner in which you sit in your desk chair while working on a computer is a major contributor to back and spinal health issues. Even if you have the most advanced computer on the market, if your desk is not set up properly, you could be putting your health at risk. It’s not easy to find computer desk furniture that works well. 

Your desk, chair, and monitor must be arranged in the best way for you. It needs to be customized to your stature, routines, body type, and posture. If you plan to work from your computer desk for several hours a day, ensure it is built to professional standards in every way.

Item Size: 66"L x 47"W x 30"H
Style: Contemporary
Material: Composite Wood, Metal
Item Color: Black & Oak Finish
Pack: 1Pc/1Ctn
Brand: Acme Furniture
Additional information
Weight 49 lbs
Dimensions 63273777 × 632633775 × 63263776 in

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